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Mahjong Match
Match the tiles and race to clear the board!
AKA “Othello”. Play the classic board game!
100 Merge Melons
Merge melons to make bigger and bigger fruit!
Bee Connect
Take a break from being a busy bee!
2048 - Infinity
Can you make it all the way to 2048?
Animal Flash
Endless match 3 fun with cute animals!
1000 number puzzles in one game! Play now!
Slime Drop
Drop down the dungeon! How long can you survive?
Break it ! Break it ! Break the bricks !
Chubby Dragon
Fly through as many pillars as possible!
Test your memory and don’t flip out!
Math King
Train your brain and become the King of Math!
Kungfu Jump
Can you jump all the way to the moon?
Monster Match
Train your memory with cute monsters!
Snake Strike
Eat, grow and go for the high score!
Circle Ninja
Slice green circles and avoid red ones!
Circle Path
Stop circle at just the right moment to move on!
The Pond
Can you become the biggest fish in the pond?
Dodge the nails and protect the little birdie!
Tower Blocks
Build your tower higher and higher!
Align 4
First one to get four balls in a row wins!
P2 Ball
Break the blocks before they reach the top!
Color Match
Can you make all the blocks the same color?
OMG - What Am I?
OMG! Discover your true personality!
Futuristic, fast-paced racing!
Emoji Minesweeper
Watch your step and find all the mines!
0h n0
Train your brain with this fun logic game!
Find as many words as possible in the grid!
Eat and grow longer! …and longer and longer
Circle the blue orbs before they explode!